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If you are looking for a job in the USA and are not getting any results, you are probably like 95% of jobseekers who do not have a job hunting strategy.

These are the 10 most common mistakes millions of people make trying to find a job:

Mistake #1... they use old job hunting methods. 

With the growth of the Internet... everything about the job market has changed. This includes the ways employers hire... how they advertise openings... the ways candidates get considered and more. Through this site, you can use the latest and most effective methods.

Mistake #2... they don't sell their transferable skills. 

Employers are interested in people who can contribute immediately. With our system, you will be able to pinpoint your skills... and know how to sell them in your materials and all discussions.

Mistake #3... they don't follow a game plan. 

When an NFL football team takes the field, they have a game plan for how to win. And when a business launches a new product, they have a game plan. With this site, you can equip yourself with an easy to execute game plan for getting more interviews

Mistake #4... they don't know how to change industries. 

You can't compare the potential of someone in the steel or textile industries... to someone in the "nutrition" or the "Internet" industries... or hundreds of other growth industries. With our system, you'll get ideas on how to identify your best options and how to change industries.

Mistake #5... they never overcome their liabilities. 

We mean things such as not having the right education... being unemployed... or age problems and etc. As part of our system, you can have proven solutions for helping minimize their negative impact. Remember, hoping people won't notice liabilities is never a winning strategy.

Mistake #6... they can't find enough public openings. 

With today's competition at record levels, you need to access 80 to 85% of what's out there for you-not the usual 2 to 3% most people settle for. On this site, you can access virtually all openings that are advertised or posted on the Internet.

Mistake #7... they don't use a superior resume. 

There are 30 million resumes in circulation. Northrop-Grumman's technology division alone receives over 720,000 resumes each year... but they only hire 1 out of every 200 applicants! With our system, you'll have everything you need to develop outstanding materials.

Mistake #8... they don't uncover private openings. 

Our new technology now allows you to uncover leads. By knowing where jobs are emerging... you can get in early... and have less competition.

Mistake #9... they don't contact their best prospects. 

It pays to aggressively contact decision makers at your best employer prospects. Why? Because it's the fastest way to get access to more than 50% of all jobs that are available privately. On this site, you can access the contacts you need in the U.S. or worldwide.

Mistake #10... their interviewing skills are average. 

You need to make sure that you can convert your interviews into offers. Remember, it's not unusual for there to be 5 to 7 finalists for every good job, but only one comes out the winner. On this site, you'll have the information you need to lift your interviewing skills to a new level.

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